How do you travel cheaply?

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Traveling cheaply is important to me and to you, too, if you’re looking at this blog. Cheap flight websites, and cheap hotel booking websites are all over the web. Frequent flier miles are always good, but sometimes you pay more for the flight than necessary in order to get the miles. It’s the same thing with hotel points, such as Marriott. I’m not a fan of using debt to travel.

I’ve flown on airlines that serve only water, with no entertainment and stayed at hostels that weren’t particularly well run. Of course, couchsurfing and Airbnb are popular cheap ways to travel.

How do you travel cheaply? What are your hacks? Leave a comment, please!

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Ulleungdo, South Korea

Ulleungdo is an island in the Sea of Japan (yes, I said Sea of Japan, not East Sea.) The tourist brochure claims there are three things that don’t exist on Ulleungdo: thieves, pollution and snakes. There are five things in abundance: aromatic trees, wind, beautiful women, water and stone. I bought a bandana that calls Ulleungdo “an exotic fantasy island full of romance and passion.”  So Ulleungdo knows how to market itself!

The bus picked us up in Seoul at midnight. Then we drove to Donghai on the east coast to catch the ferry. That took another 5 hours. We stayed at the beach for a bit and watched the sun rise before embarking on the two and a half hour ferry ride to the island.

The ferry ride was uneventful. After arrival and checking in at the minbak, we toured the island by minivan. As we drove around the island, they pointed out a lot of rock formations. They were supposed to be something, but it took a lot of imagination to see it. This is the Turtle. Do you see it?

In the photo above, the rock formation is the Elephant. A little closer and it does actually look like an elephant. This rock formation in the photo below is called Three Fairies. You see them, right?

The day was crystal clear, blue, cloudless and about 75 degrees. I combined my two passions, traveling and hiking. The hike started out on a 30% incline. Hikers started falling out. It was a steep climb, but not as rigorous as Wolchusan. And what great views!

This was the beginning of the hike.
Here’s a couple of pictures of the rest of the hike.

Here are some views from the top:

These pictures don’t do the view justice. It was so beautiful!

Ulleungdo had two products, one is squid the other is pumpkin. They have cute little squid and pumpkin mascots all over the island.

The ferry ride back to the mainland was a bit rough. Almost everyone, including me, got sick.
This was one of the better weekend trips that I made while in Korea. It was arranged by, which provides inexpensive, fun trips for a weekend or more.

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