I grew up with the Vietnam War on TV every night. It was a frequent topic of conversation. Eventually it became a trendy thing to say, “I’d like to vacation in Vietnam. I really would!” It was meant to shock and it did. Decades later, many Americans do vacation in Vietnam, as I did.┬áHanoi was chaotic and noisy, with a vibrancy I liked.

Motorcycles are the predominate way to get around Hanoi.

But you can still catch a glimpse of the old ways.

One afternoon a group of us rowed to the Perfume Pagoda festival. We were told a few people would be there celebrating.

Less crowded was the houseboat tour of Halong Bay. Beautiful boat, lovely people, and beautiful scenery.

And in case you forgot something, you can stop at the floating mini-market.

As much as I like Hanoi, it was also nice to get out of the city and see more of Vietnam.


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