“Street food”

Street food is in quotes because Dushanbe doesn’t have street food like other places. You can’t stop on the street and get meat on a stick or a waffle or takbokki. But you can get ice cream.

I arrived here in August and it was hot. Ice cream stands were on every corner. But now that the temperature has dropped to 70 F in the afternoon, who wants ice cream?

This man had a roaring business a week ago. He had a big, bright umbrella and sold ice cream non-stop. I’m told the ice cream stands turn into popcorn stands.  Like this:

I stopped at a hole in the wall to see what was to eat. This is a literal hole in the wall. A smooth black wall with a square door in it at about my eye level.

 I didn’t want to be obvious about taking a picture, so this isn’t as good as it could have been. Next to the man’s head is the hole in the wall. The proprietor had a menu printed up. This is a hot dog joint. I ordered a hot dog nonie or khot dok noni in Russian (?) Tajik (?).

Well, it was more like a salad on a bun than a hot dog. Not bad for 33 cents.

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